Seen here with my favorite person in the world.


so where do i start?

I have been incredibly lucky in my career to work for some amazing agencies and institutions making some really cool stuff. I’ve worked on tampons, sports cars, and pretty much everything in between (including telemedicine, electric vehicles, pizza, adjunctive hemostats, hats, Montessori schools, luxury window treatments and global travel).

Creating great content has always been at the heart of my work, whether it’s been to help girls feel better about their bodies, to make getting medical treatment faster and easier, to give parents the information they need to choose the right preschool for their kid, or to herald the release of one of the most iconic sports cars of the century.

I believe deeply in kindness and empathy — good leadership means an open door and a ready ear to lend. It is always my goal to work with my team to do great work for our clients, but also to support their own hopes and dreams.