Advertising, wonderful advertising.
Advertising, wonderful advertising.
Advertising, wonderful advertising.

For Super Bowl 2012, we were tasked with creating a digital campaign that would drive people to watch the Chevrolet spots on YouTube.
So we went simple. Funny celebrity, in your face, edgy writing. 
We created four :30 spots, four commentary videos, five rich media OLA units (for multiple sizes), one YouTube homepage takeover and a re-skin of the Chevrolet YouTube channel.

"Watercooler" :30
Rainn Wilson YouTube Homepage Takeover

This was a huge success for us.
The masthead click-through rate was .38%, compared to a .26% average CTR for automotive.
The average display time was 24.67 seconds—YouTube’s benchmark is 20.55.
Over 60M impressions.
Average interaction time of 12.34 seconds, compared to auto-specific 8.25.

Rainn Wilson Superbowl Outtakes
"Half Suit" :30
"Here We Are" :30