I handle all communications and creative for Ann Arbor, MI realtor JoAnn Barrett. I oversaw the complete redesign of her website, from creative direction to copy, as well as facilitating and directing her photo shoot and working with a designer to create her custom logo and colors. I am also responsible for her social media and listings copy.



For high-end window coverings company Smith and Noble, I wrote across multiple touch points, including print brochures (as seen below), display ads, in-store materials and a digital kiosk for placement in Home Depot. I did not do the Spanish translation, but I did edit the copy to fit, and have experience working on a variety of global projects.

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I worked with a UX architect and designer to build the Kaiser Permanente e-visit portal. I was responsible for all copy, including instructions, surveys, buttons and CTAs and error messaging.

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For the Learning Care Group’s collection of Montessori schools, I produced a 4-day photography and video shoot on location at one of their schools. By combining both shoots we were able to cut down on shoot days considerably, and ensure a consistent look and feel. The copy on the website and video script were written by LCG’s in-house writing team. See the photography and video here.



I worked as the brand strategist on an overhaul for an organization in the utilities space. This included stakeholder interviews and audience research, which our team used to help this organization define what is most important to themselves and their audience and sets them apart.

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