Advertising, wonderful advertising.
 For the launch of the 2014 Chevrolet Malibu, we wanted to create a digital campaign that played off of the TVC tagline "The Richest Guys on Earth."   We created a truthful, but not condemning, commentary on the role of social media in our society, and what it means to capture the moments that make us The Richest Guys on Earth (or, as we shortened it for digital, "Truly Rich"). It consisted of both long and short format films for a variety of digital placements, as well as a social campaign using the hashtag #trulyrich.
Lids Represent Brand Video
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  How do you spread the word about a product that people are afraid to even mention?   Create a social campaign that removes the taboo, gets people talking and changes the conversation. Listen to your audience. Respond.        My Role: Social media strategist, conversation manager     10 weeks after launch, U by Kotex* captured 8% of the category, leading the overall Kotex brand to a 20+% share for first time in over a decade.    AdAge named U by Kotex* one of America’s Hottest Brands 2010, for product and marketing delivering the greatest impact.    The launch of U by Kotex* won a list of awards, including the WOMMY Grand Prize for Word of Mouth Marketing and the IAM MIXX Grand Prize for Word of Mouth Campaign,   and became a benchmark for social communication in marketing.
Carhartt Lookbook
Chevrolet 4G LTE Wifi Launch
  The 2012 Camaro ZL1 is the most technologically advanced Camaro in history. So how do you create compelling content to celebrate the launch of a car that will completely change its segment?    Your only talent is GM engineers. And there's a test tomorrow. Maybe you want to be there. GO.    We started with the task of making one video. We ended up with five videos, two broadcast spots, a website, and a project that the CMO of Global Marketing at General Motors called "Some of the best work done for Chevrolet so far."     All done with a budget less than it takes to license a song from a bar band.
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